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North Point Surgery Center

We are pleased to welcome you as a new patient. Our primary mission at North Pointe Surgery Center is to deliver the best and most comprehensive medical care available. An important goal housed within our mission is making the cost of optimal care as manageable as possible.

Before Your Surgery

As a courtesy to you, our billing staff contacts your insurance carrier to verify your benefits and insurance coverage. If it is determined that you have an unmet deductible, out-of-pocket/co-insurance or a required copayment, the billing staff will send you a letter detailing the information obtained during the verification process. 

This letter is to make you aware of your estimated patient responsibility for the facility fee. This is not a bill and not a guarantee of the final amount due after your surgery. 

North Pointe Surgery Center makes every attempt to make you aware of your insurance coverage and benefits before your date of surgery. With that said, it is important to note that you are financially responsible for all charges deemed necessary by your insurance company. Any questions about your final benefits need to be directed to your insurance company.

What to Expect

After your surgery, you will receive three separate bills:

  1. The North Pointe Surgery Center bill covers the use of the facility and all necessary supplies used during your surgical procedure. Questions regarding this bill should be directed to (717) 735-6650.
  2. The surgeon’s charges cover the services provided by your physician with Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, LTD. Questions regarding this bill should be directed to OAL’s business office at (717) 299-1928.
  3. The anesthesia bill* covers the anesthesia services provided to you by Riverside Anesthesia Associates. Questions regarding this bill should be directed to RAA’s business office at (717) 545-5256.

*If you are not having anesthesia during your procedure, you will only receive two bills.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • If you have motor vehicle insurance and your coverage exhausts, you are responsible for any charges deemed necessary by your MV carrier, should you not have medical insurance.
  • If you have medical insurance, any remaining balance will be billed.
  • If, after your health insurance has paid and you have a balance, you are responsible for payment of said balance.

Workers' Compensation

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, your primary health insurance will be billed. If, after your health insurance has paid and you have a balance, you are responsible for payment of that balance. If your claim is denied and you have no health insurance on file, you will be responsible for the balance.


North Pointe Surgery Center does not offer discounts on what your insurance company deems your responsibility.

However, if you are uninsured or if you have a high-deductible health plan, NPSC works with our anesthesia provider and OAL to create a case-by-case bundled package for your surgery, covering any and all associated fees at a discounted rate. This service is unique to our facility, as we are the only outpatient surgery center in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties to offer this type of comprehensive agreement.

Pre-surgical financial details will be discussed prior to selecting your surgery date.

If this is an option that you would like to discuss further, please inquire during surgery scheduling to allow adequate time to create the package.

Payment Arrangements

At North Pointe Surgery Center, we understand some surgeries may be costly. We offer two excellent payment options, in the event you are unable to pay for your surgery in full at once.


CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that has a revolving line of credit and can be used for multiple charges up to the established credit limit. You may apply over the phone (1-800-365-8295) or online by visiting You will receive immediate notification of your approved line of credit. 

When transferring your NPSC balance ($200 and above) to CareCredit, you will choose a 6, 12, or 18 month deferred-interest plan and begin receiving statements from CareCredit. This card may also be used for purchases under $200, such as copays. This is a wonderful resource that we offer to our patients, so please do consider this option for your surgery.

Online Payment Plan-Direct Withdraw

NPSC expects payment in full for services rendered after your insurance has processed the claim. A statement for the patient responsibility portion will be mailed to you. If you are unable to provide payment in full upon receiving your statement from NPSC, CareCredit is offered as an additional resource to comply with our expectation. Payment plans will not be considered unless you have received a denial from CareCredit. If you have been denied from CareCredit and are unable to provide payment in full upon receiving your first invoice, you may initiate a request for a payment plan by contacting NPSC's business office. No payment plans will be approved until documentation of a CareCredit denial has been received by NPSC. All payment plans require an automatic payment withdrawal from your checking account, savings account, or credit card every month on the same day. Payment plan durations must adhere to the following terms:

Amount Owed

Repayment Window


Less than $249

3 months


$250 – $999

6 months



12 months



NPSC is NOT a financial institution, therefore we cannot authorize a plan where you send in payments weekly or monthly. If you are unable to pay off your full balance, you must choose one of these two options in order to avoid collections. If you need further assistance, you will need to call our office. 


Accepted Forms of Payment

For your convenience, we accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Care Credit).

Expected Payment Amount

North Pointe Surgery Center expects payments of any copayments, unmet deductible and co-insurance amounts before the day of surgery or on the day of surgery. All expected amounts are listed on your Patient Estimation letter. Any amount a patient overpays will be refunded after our billing office receives the final explanation of benefits. Likewise, if there is a greater patient responsibility than estimated, then you will be billed for any remaining balance.

North Pointe Surgery Center has the right to expect full payments for rendered services. If you do not pay off your balance within 30 days, your account is considered delinquent.

A financial counselor will contact you within 30 days of your surgery to review your delinquent balance. If payment is not received within two billing cycles, we will turn your account over to a collection agency or collection attorney.

All billing stipulations are listed in the consent to treat that is signed before every procedure by you, the patient. Precautions and actions financially taken against the patient are agreed upon before the procedure.

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